All crazy for Italian

Italian, the fourth language studied in the world

Everyone wants to learn Italian

The teaching of the Italian language is increasingly requested

Although the overall number of speakers in the world has decreased by three positions in the global ranking, the 2018 report on the state of Italian language in the world clearly shows that the interest raised by Italian culture, lifestyle and language is still growing both in Italy and abroad. Italian is as a matter of fact firmly the fourth most learned language in the world after English, Spanish and Chinese.

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Italian courses for workers and students

Every year over two million people decide to undertake Italian for various reasons: from career opportunities to the need to reconnect with the culture of migrant ancestors.

It is particularly noticeable the fact that, in view of a moderate reduction of students in Cultural Institutes (-7,89%) and the stability of University students (-0,03), we register a considerable increase in those who learn Italian in other contexts (+23,02). In the latter type the universities for the third age play a relevant role, proving once again that language learning can be undertaken with satisfaction at all times in a lifespan.

New challenges for Italian teachers

We can therefore infer that whereas the cultural prestige remains fundamentally unchanged – which is shown by the steadiness of academic learning -, the demand for Italian language is involving a wider and more heterogeneous audience.
The picture of the situation that emerges from the latest available data is comforting about the state of Italian learning all over the world, but it also lets us understand that the type of demand is changing and becoming more various. In the very near future new challenges will be put ahead of teachers of Italian, who will have to face diverse audiences with increasingly specific needs. Approaches, methods, tools will have to be adapted even more on country, cultural branch and the general situation.