2019 Forum on Education Abroad

Forum on Education Abroad 2019

Dante Alighieri Siena’s report

Broadening The Circle

This Forum edition’s call-to-action was “broadening the circle”, which has been variously interpreted: some have stressed out the importance of building more and stronger connections with new partners both in the country of provenience and in that of destination; others have lingered on the necessity to conceive and implement new strategies to make abroad learning more accessible to a wide audience of students who currently cannot afford such educational experience for disparate reasons.

Study abroad difficulties

Forum on Education Abroad 19 Learning Italy

Economic reasons are – of course – one of the most frequent concerns, but along with that are many other factors that hold back students: such as the major they have chosen, the tight study schedule, increasingly numerous mental disabilities in the youth, sport related necessities, gender issues, family issues, etc..

Challenges and opportunities

Developing programs and procedures that aim to meet this categories’ needs is one of the biggest and more important challenges of Education Abroad institutions such as DA Siena. As a matter of fact, statistics demonstrate that students who have had an abroad experience tend to have higher GPAs, to find a job sooner and  to have higher incomes. Even employers confirm their appreciation for CVs that display this kind of experiences: as they are linked to a higher degree of maturity, independence, and better problem-solving abilities.

We hire you because you are bigger than the role we are interviewing you for. That’s a person that brings a mindset, a way of thinking. The only way to get that is by going out there and experiencing the world.

Rob McClung, Director of Global Customer Care, Google
Forum on Education Abroad 19 Learning Italy

Da Siena with its faculty and staff embraces the Forum’s concerns and is eager to be committed to students who belong to underrepresented minorities, so to give to the largest possible audience the same opportunities of growth and self-improvement.