Living in a new country

It's definitely a fantastic experience

Dante Siena will book you a comfortable place ready to welcome you!
Easy planning from home, no surprises at arrival, and a clean and familiar place to stay guaranteed! Moreover, our wide variety of staying choices enables you to find your ideal accommodation.

  • Duration: From Sunday to Saturday
  • Treatment: First come first served
  • Rooms: Double rooms available for students travelling together only
  • Cost: Accommodation placement + registration fee = € 70,00

Home Stay

A smart way to improve your Italian is to live with an Italian family. This will be an exciting and excellent experience for practicing the language every day, in a familiar environment. Our team is available to suggest the right family that best suits your needs.

Single room1 weekeach extra weekextra night
Home-stay: breakfast included*230,00 €190,00 €35,00 €
Home-stay: breakfast & dinner included270,00 €250,00 €40,00 €
Double room1 weekeach extra week15
Home-stay: breakfast included*190,00 €160,00 €25,00 €
Home-stay: breakfast & dinner included230,00 €200,00 €35,00 €

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Shared Apartment

Shared apartment (from 1 to 7 persons) option is perfect for students with an independent attitude. You can book a private room in an apartment with furnished kitchen and bathroom shared with others. Oven and washing machine is included depending on apartment.

Single room1 weekeach extra weekextra night
Shared apartment210,00 €140,00 €30,00 €
Double room1 weekeach extra week15
Shared apartment150,00 €130,00 €20,00 €
Shared Apartment - Accomodation Dante Alighieri Siena

Private Apartment

If you prefer to stay on your own, we suggest you to book a private apartment with kitchen and bathroom, with luxurious or modest amenities. Apartments are all comfortable: easy to reach on foot or by bus in 10-15 minutes.

Private Apartment - Accomodation Dante Alighieri Siena

Hotel Residence

If you prefer an hotel, a residence or a villa, feel free to ask a suggestion.

Hotel Residence - Accomodation Dante Alighieri Siena

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