Gift ideas for your Christmas in Italy

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It’s time for presents…are you ready?

Here are 4 gift ideas for your Christmas by DA Siena

Is the thought of Christmas presents tormenting you? DA Siena can help you with four gift ideas for these Holidays: four experiences for your loved ones that will make their 2020 unforgettable. Do you want to place something also for yourself under the tree? Why not travel together and create indelible memories that will last forever? Learn about DA‘s four Christmas gift ideas in Italy and make a unique present!

1. Summer recipes cooking course

gift ideas for your christmas

Italy boasts one of the most globally known and appreciated cuisines, especially the recipes of the Mediterranean diet. DA‘s Summer Taste cooking course in Siena would certainly be a wonderful gift idea for anyone who loves cooking. With our expert chefs you can learn to prepare a typical Italian summer dinner, surprise your guests, and make them jealous of your travel!

2. One week Italian culture immersion

Everyone has those friends or relatives who would never stop talking about Italy, the Renaissance, Michelangelo, Donatello, etc.. So it goes without saying that there could be no better gift idea for them than a deep immersion in the Italian culture. With DA‘s Language & Culture course you can combine learning Italian with on-site lessons in the magnificent monuments and museums of Siena. Do you wish to add a special treat? How about five-course cooking class with our expert chefs?

3. A journey in the Italian lyric opera

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Italy is the homeland of lyric opera, the birthplace of composers such as Monteverdi, Puccini, Rossini, and singers like Pavarotti, Caruso or the Sienese Ettore Bastianini. Could you think of a better place where to take DA Siena‘s Language & Music? This course is the perfect gift idea for music lovers: from the Gregorian and the Baroque music to Verdi’s melodramma and Mozart’s Italian masterpieces. If you want you can also add vocal coach lessons with an internationally known opera singer.

4. Life-long learning: a new way of traveling

Study italian in italy

Sometimes a vacation is not what you are really looking for, sometimes you feel like a travel should really be an enriching experience. If this is the case, Alma Siena 50+ is the experience for you. A program specifically designed for mature and senior long-life learners, combining language lessons with cultural visits, excursions, wine tastings and cooking classes. A complete experience that will shed new light on the Italian culture and gastronomy!

Also don’t forget that DA schedules a weekly program of free activities for its students and that the city of Siena with its territory has a lot to offer! So these are DA Siena‘s four gift ideas for your Christmas, now you only need to choose the period of the year that suits you and prepare your luggage!

Christmas in Italy - Learning Italy