Cooking courses: discover Italian food in Autumn

italian food in autumn vegetables

Five Italian recipes of our cooking courses for Fall season

The best Italian foods for this period of the year

Cooking courses: discover Italian food in autumn

Italian food is renown for its variety, but it is also extremely linked to seasonality. As a matter of fact each period of the year has its own characteristic Italian food. Every recipe celebrates a different month as in the ancient traditions of peasants, who could only rely on the produces of their yard.
For example:

  • Mushrooms
  • Chestnuts
  • Squash
  • Kale
  • Grapes
  • Fennel
  • Chicory
  • Blackberries
  • Red radish
  • Spinach

These are only few of the tens of produces that liven up the Italian kitchen during Fall. With these few ingredients you can prepare a large number of delicious Italian foods. So Learning Italy – DA Siena‘s chefs have decided to celebrate this colorful season by choosing five Autumn recipes for you to recreate at home. Enjoy the Italian food and have fun cooking it!

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“Ribollita”: Tuscany on the table

Cooking courses: italian food in autumn ribollita

Ribollita is the queen of Tuscan recipes. You only have to boil some beans and keep half of them on the side while blending the remaining with their broth. Then add Tuscan kale, carrots, chard, onion, and celery. If you like it dark you can add a bit of tomato paste. Wait until the soup is cooked and add the entire beans previously put aside. Serve on toasted bread with a topping of fresh red onion and olive oil.

Light and seasonal Italian food: Autumn salad

Cooking courses: italian food in autumn salad

If you are looking for some light Italian food you can go for an Autumn salad! You only need to mix in a bowl: red radish, fennel leaves, orange slices, and green apples. Flavor it with olive oil and ground black pepper to have the tastiest seasonal salad.

Delicious challenges: squash “risotto”

Cooking courses: italian food in autumn risotto

If you think you already are an expert in Italian food try squash risotto! Brown a tablespoon of finely chopped onion in olive oil and then toast the rice in it. Once the rice is too hot to be held on your palm, pour half glass of white wine and stir until you can’t smell any more alcohol. Then start adding the vegetable broth and keep stirring. On another pan, stew the squash then put it in the rice and keep adding broth time by time until the rice is cooked. At that point add a piece of butter, a generous amount of shredded Parmesan and let sit for 5 minutes. Serve with a topping of crunchy grilled prosciutto slices to surprise your guests!

Autumn classics: “pasta broccoli e salciccia”

Cooking courses: italian food in autumn pasta

Easy and tasty, this Italian food will leave you breathless! In a pan with olive oil and one or two garlic cloves stew the broccoli until they are soft, add some bits of sausage and keep it on the fire until cooked. When it’s almost ready strain the pasta and finish its cooking in the pan. Remember to keep a coffee cup of the pasta’s cooking water to maintain it moist. Serve with shredded Pecorino cheese.

Sweet Autumn: “castagnaccio”

Cooking courses: italian food in autumn castagnaccio

In order to prepare this cake typical of the Fall season you first need to toast some pine nuts on a pan and soften some raisins in water. Then take 300 g of chestnut flour, add 350 ml of water, the pine nuts, the raisins, sugar, and knead the dough. Once it’s uniform let it rest for ten minutes. Lay the dough on a tray, put on top of it some rosemary and olive oil. Then bake it at 250°C for 10-15 minutes until the surface is slightly cracked. Regional Italian food is always the best!

So these are the best Italian foods for the Fall season according to Learning Italy – DA Siena‘s chefs and their cooking courses: cook your favorite recipe and send the pictures at this address, we will post them on our Facebook page!