UCSB Summer Program in Siena - 6 weeks

Study Abroad – UCSB- Dante Siena – 6weeks

STARTING ON SUNDAY JUNE 21st! Levels 4-5-6


UCSB Italian Department has partnered with DA Siena to teach levels 4-6 in a Summer Program. Students are encouraged to fully take advantage of their stay in Italy. Learn Italian not only in the classroom but through your everyday life in Siena!

The class will be composed only with UCSB students and their teacher, who will follow UCSB Italian department syllabi for levels 4/5/6.


  • Lessons are run with the following schedule: Mondays: 9:30 am – 1:20 pm | Tuesdays – Fridays: 9:10 am – 1:00 pm.
  • UCSB ACCOMMODATION – Accommodation is usually available from the Sunday before the starting of the program to the Saturday after the end of the program. Other kind of arrangements can be agreed with the Office upon request and at an extra cost.
    UCSB students can choose a single or a double room in shared apartments (sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities with other students). Please take note that:
  • a) double rooms are guaranteed for same gender students coming just from UCSB (DA Siena cannot accommodate in the same room two students coming from two different universities/institutions);
  • b) accommodation prices include utilities (i.e. electricity, water, etc.);
  • c) supplement for a Single room $ 140.00
  • d) for further details please click on Housing and refer to the chapter SHARED APARTMENT WITH OTHER STUDENTS;
  • e) Students will receive a short description of their accommodation at least 3 weeks before their arrival in Siena.
  • f) Together with the description of the accommodation, students will receive a Code of Accommodation Conduct to be followed during their stay.


  • Levels 4
  • Levels 5
  • Levels 6


The UCSB Italian language Department credits will be transferred on student’s request to other UCSB Departments from dr. Valentina Padula – Director, Italian Language Program French and Italian Department – UCSB – [email protected] – once she receives the DA Siena transcript.


Course Content

Time: 6 weeks

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Dante Alighieri Siena boasts an excellent group of Italian instructors, specialized in teaching Italian to foreign adult students. Read more about our academic team below!

Luca Bonomi
DA Siena President

Luca with his Phd in Teaching Italian Language and Culture Through Opera, in 1987 began... read more

Enzo Morano
Director for Academic Affairs, Italian Language, Economy, Banking

Enzo was born in Rotondella (MT) in 1969. He received his BS in Economics and Banking... read more

Guido Elia
Italian Language, Social Studies

Guido was born in Siena in 1985, he graduated at the Università per Stranieri di Siena... read more

Claudio Viti
Italian Language, Political and Social Sciences

Claudio was born in Siena, where he received his BS in Pharmacy Science. In 1997 he... read more


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Application Deadline for admission on 1 April 2020


    • 6 weeks


  • 120 language lessons
  • double room accommodation
  • 1 cooking classes (4h)
  • social activities
  • 1 weekend to the sea
  • university cafeteria badge
  • WI-FI connection