DA Siena’s Cultural activities

DA Siena’s Cultural activities - Learning Italy

The cultural program of the school

Food, wine and art on the rolling hills of Tuscany

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Dante Alighieri Siena organizes a rich cultural activities program for your course of Italian language, come and discover all that your learning experience has in store for you!

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At Dante Alighieri Siena learning never really ends

After your Italian lessons in the morning you can join Dante Alighieri Siena‘s cultural activities in the afternoon. Every day the school offers a different program so to suit all tastes. Learning the language is important, but at DA Siena you can also enjoy art, music, cinema, gastronomy and you can join day-trips with your teacher.

For us to go to Italy and to penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery.

David Herbert Lawrence
Intership - Dante Siena

Depending on the period of the year DA Siena’s staff and faculty make the best out of Italian culture. Each week they select the suitable cultural activities, these are only some of the things you can do and learn at our school:

  • Cultural walks
  • Wine tastings
  • Cheese tastings
  • Italian movies
  • Art conferences
  • Opera conferences
  • Reading and writing workshops
  • Guided excursions
  • Visits to museums and exhibits
  • Dinners in the Contrade

Siena: Italian art and beauty in a nutshell

Siena is extremely rich in art, history, typical food products and unique traditions. Our teachers will guide you through this land unveiling its secrets. They will show you the masterpieces of the Sienese art, they will explain the origins of the ancient contrade and they will let you taste the excellencies of Tuscany.

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DA Siena‘s faculty is very fond of Italian cinema, as a matter of fact the school’s cineclub is very active and organizes movie viewings every week.
However you can of course also choose your own activities: DA Siena‘s staff will gladly help you plan your leisure time on your own.