DA Siena reopens on June 29th!

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The Coronavirus situation has forced most countries in the world to put limits to the freedom of movement for the sake of everyone’s health. It’s been a long time, but the effort has eventually paid off, because the Covid-19 department in Siena’s hospital was has been closed a few days ago as the last patient with Coronavirus was discharged.

Piazza del Monte Covid

So for Siena and Learning Italy life is gradually going back to normality. Yes, we still have to wear masks in crowded areas or indoor, but shops, bars and restaurants are open, and so are also museums…but most importantly Dante Siena – Learning Italy is reopening on June 29th, and with some important news!

Book now and get free online lessons!

If you reserve your in-presence course within August 31st (even if the course is booked for 2021) Learning Italy will offer a free online lesson for each week with us! This way you will make the most out of your stay because you will already be accustomed to the teacher and her\his methods and you will improve more in the same lapse of time.

Introduction to Latin Language Online - Learning - Italy

It’s a great opportunity to combine the convenience of distance learning with the effectiveness of a full immersion in the sounds, colors, and tastes of Italian culture: maximize the improvements in your learning experience!

And, of course, we are going to enforce all the necessary measures imposed by the Italian Government for the safety of students, academic and administrative staff:

  1. Masks and safety devices will have to be worn at all times;
  2. Temperature will be detected every morning;
  3. Beside the usual cleaning, the school is going to be sanitized on a daily basis;
  4. Physical distancing will be enforced in class and in all common areas;
  5. Disinfecting gel will be available in numerous spots.

Going back to normality also depends on our behavior, let’s do our part together!