End of the year: summing up 2020

planning 2021

Reflecting on this year and on the new perspectives

Conclusions to draw on an out-of-the-ordinary year and future developments

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The end of the year is usually a moment dedicated to taking stock of the past months. The year about to finish has surely been extremely challenging worldwide at all levels, as the pandemic was increasingly but temporarily forcing to put limits also to the freedom of movement. However, despite having slowed down – when not frozen – our activities, 2020 can still offer us food for thought.

Old certainties: culture, beauty, and livability

Siena, Piazza del Campo

One of the strengths of Learning Italy that our students appreciate the most is the city in which we live permanently and in which they are living for a certain period. With its people, the great environmental variety, historical and artistic testimonies, Siena is the ideal place to create educational programs of Italian language and culture for all audiences: from senior lifelong learners to young study abroad students. In spite of all the issues brought by 2020 – having even improved its ranking (now in the 11th position) – Siena keeps being one of the most livable Italian cities.

Online teaching: a blended approach

One-to-one Italian online for kids - Learning Italy

Another point for reflection is the impact 2020 has had on teaching because of the massive use of online resources that was caused by the inopportunity of crowding classrooms with students. As an Institution we have always valued online lessons useful to language teaching, but they alone cannot make up for the linguistic environment of a classroom.

In fact this kind of methodology has proven to be particularly effective in combination with in-presence teaching. Not only because the student has already refreshed her\his knowledge by the arrival, but it appears to be especially useful to establish in advance a positive relationship with the teacher so as to improve earlier and quicker.

Bonds to rely on

Handthake - Learning Italy

There is no need to stress how heavily the pandemic has affected the educational field, therefore also our partners. However, even with all the programs that had to be postponed and all the courses that were delayed or canceled, most of our partners have always been in close contact with us. Thanks to their professionalism and to the efforts of all parties involved, we can plan ahead for next year and look forward into the future together while the global situation appears to be about to approach a significant step forward.