What happens on the first day?

Every Monday students that are NOT absolute beginners are orally assessed and assigned to the correspondent level; courses for absolute beginners have compulsory starting dates. Classes never exceed the maximum number of 12 students, with an average of 9\10. After the lesson a teacher holds an orientation meeting with a practical tour of the city.

What happens if I want to change the class level?

You can change level anytime you want, you just have to speak with the Director of Academic Affairs. It is important for us that you are happy with the level and rate of progress in class.

What teaching methods are used?

Classes are taught in Italian and students are politely but strongly dissuaded from speaking their mother tongue in class. All four language skills are explored in class, although most emphasis is placed on speaking and listening. Written work is usually done as homework and checked by the teacher.

How can I be sure that I'm making progress?

Students’ progress is measured and evaluated on a weekly basis. Also, every 15 days students are given a quiz to assess the functions and vocabulary covered in that period. This constant monitoring ensures your confidence and success.

How much Italian can I expect to learn during the courses?

As all our courses are specifically planned to meet the needs of our students, and all Italian language lessons are held in Italian language, you can be sure you will learn a lot and you will learn it quickly.

What are the teachers' qualifications?

The administrative and teaching force at DA Siena is composed of a highly specialized international team. Professors with experience in teaching Italian language are also specialized in different areas of the Italian culture. The administrative Staff serves the student community for the best result of the study abroad experiences in Italy.

When will I know details about my housing assignment?

Because of logistics we will let you know all the housing details (address & landlord/homestay phone number) about 2 weeks before your course starts.

Who should I contact if I had a problem once I’m in my accommodation?

If you have any problems please let us know as soon as possible. We are here to help and we want for you nothing more than to be completely happy, comfortable and safe. In case of any needs please contact our Housing Assistant or write an email to  [email protected].

Can I have guests over?

Of course you can, just make sure that everyone sharing the apartment with you is OK with it and aware ahead of time. If you are in a homestay please ask the family before you invite anyone. In any case make sure you don’t make a habit of it and please note that overnight guests are prohibited.

Am I required to get housing through the school?

Absolutely not! Feel free to find your own housing but be aware that from our experience and problems that past students have had, we strongly discourage this option unless you are very familiar with the city, the language and the landlord.

Can I stay for one or more extra night(s)?

If not requested differently, accommodation is reserved from Sunday prior to the beginning of the course until Saturday after the end it. It is however possible, on request, to check in on Saturday and check out on Sunday . There is an extra fee for any extra nights in the accommodation. Should you need further additional nights, we will help you find a suitable hotel, pension or hostel.

What can I do in my free time?

Siena offers a variety of little clubs with live music, with an inclination towards Jazz. The Chigiana Academy organizes classical music concerts and the city theatre has an interesting season. But a big role in city life is played by the many festivals organized by the Contrade. The beautiful Tuscan countryside is also ideal for biking and hiking.

What kind of activities does the school organize?

DA Siena organizes conferences on history of art and literature on a weekly basis, the cine-club offers a wide Italian movies selection and once a month we go on a field trip to Florence. We also organize thematic walking tours, wine tastings, aperitifs, dinners and much more.

How can I move around in Siena and how can I travel around?

Siena’s life revolves around the historical city centre, therefore you can mainly walk anywhere you need; however there is an efficient city transport service and an electric bike sharing service. Siena’s bus station is well served: for example you can easily reach Florence in 1 hour, Rome in 2 and a half hours, Milan in 4 hours.

Are all field trips included in program fees?

Mandatory field trips that are part of the syllabi are included in the program fees and will be specified in the program description under “included in fees”. Optional trips offered in our co-curricular and Social Activities may require payment.

Can I work in Italy while I'm studying at DA Siena?

Some EU students may find a job in Siena, but it can be difficult for students who are non EU citizens to find work since they cannot easily obtain a work permit. DA Siena does not offer a job placement service.

Does DA Siena offer insurance?

All students at DA Siena are insured against accidents that may happen inside the school or outside the school premises during guided activities organised by the school. However, we advise students to take out medical and personal insurance before leaving your home country.

Can I receive mail at DA Siena?

Yes, we have a designated postal area for students to receive mail. We recommend that you give your friends and relatives the school address rather than the address of your accommodation.

Do I need a Visa or passport?

If you are a non EU citizen you need a passport valid for at least six months beyond the end date of the program. If you don’t have a passport, apply for one as soon as possible! You are not going to need any Visa if your stay does not exceed 90 days, please contact us for more details

Where can I go for medical help?

The First Aid (Pronto Soccorso) service at the hospital is free for anyone who needs it. In the city-centre there is always one pharmacy open 24-hours. Pharmacies take turns for this 24-hour service, but the timetable is clearly shown outside each pharmacy.

Any Further Questions?

Chat or contact us. Don't worry, we are happy to help you!