5 good reasons to study abroad

5 good reasons to study abroad

Why studying abroad is a life-changing experience

5 good reasons to study abroad

Are you wondering if spending a semester overseas is an experience worth having? Regardless of the time that your study schedule allows you, taking one or more courses in a foreign country is an important decision to make. In fact this choice can heavily influence your future career. So DA Siena has arranged for you a list of 5 good reasons to study abroad.

01. Improves employment opportunities

If you want to impress a potential employer, having an abroad experience in your resume can be your trump card. Big companies work in a globalized market, so employers tend to prefer curricula displaying international experiences.

It’s really important that we create breakthrough products that meet customer needs, and to do that we have to understand the consumers and their regions.

Kathy Fish Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer, Procter & Gamble

02. Develops problem-solving abilities

5 good reasons to study abroad

You can step out from your comfort zone and embrace challenges that will make you a more independent individual. If you learn how to face difficulties in a foreign country you are more likely to be able to do the same on your job.

03. Makes you learn a foreign language

Being abroad is the fastest and most effective way to acquire a second language. You will have a whole new world of opportunities. In a globalized world it is fundamental to be competent in more than one language.

Customers are worldwide, and one of the huge rights of a customer is that they want to talk to you in their own language, in their own paradigm.

Sanjay Correa, Vice president (retired), GE Aviation

04. Broadens your worldview

A very good reason to study abroad is to expand your perception of the world: it is surprising to discover how much of what you know of other countries is heavily affected by your personal beliefs. Living in a foreign country will let you learn things you can’t find in books.

05. Creates everlasting memories

5 good reasons to study abroad

Most students who have studied abroad have said that it has been the best of their university years. You’ll make new friends willing to share their culture with you and learn about yours. Create new friendships all over the globe and be a citizen of the world.

There are many good reasons to study abroad, but the most important is that it is an irreplaceable formative opportunity for present day labor market and a unique life experience that shapes students into young adults perfectly integrated in a globalized society.

Plan your experience of studying and living abroad!