5 Hollywood actors who speak Italian

Actors who speak Italian, Eastwood - Learning Italy

A list of movie celebrities fluent in Italian

Does your favorite actor also speak la Bella Lingua?

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Since many Hollywood Stars are of Italian origins it may not sound surprising that some of the following actors speak Italian, but wait to the end before saying that you are not amazed!

Robert De Niro - Learning Italy

Robert De Niro has alweys been proud of his Italian roots, as a matter of fact his great-grandparents were from Molise. His ability in speaking the Sicilian dialect in The Godfather II led him to win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Clint Eastwood - Learning Italy

Clint Eastwood acted in Sergio Leone‘s Dollars Trilogy. As Leone didn’t speak any English they needed an interpreter at first, but later Clint took a crash course to work with the director and learned to speak some Italian. He also played a small role in the Italian movie Le Streghe.

Colin Firth - Learning Italy

Colin Firth met his wife Livia Giuggioli
(director, producer and environmentalist) on the South American set of Nostromo in 1996. He learned Italian as a “mark of respect” and he actually speaks Italian very fluently! They have two children, a house in London and one in Città della Pieve.

Christoph Waltz - Learning Italy

Christoph Waltz, who reached fame after Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Bastards, is fluent in German, French and English, but he can also speak a little Italian.

Audrey Hepburn - Learning Italy

Audrey Hepburn , the actress who played Eliza Doolittle so convincingly in My Fair Lady, was in fact a European aristocrat who spoke Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch from an early age. Although she never appeared in a foreign language film, she used her languages often in her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

So, are you able to learn to speak Italian as your favorite Hollywood actor?