How to pay

Apply and deposit to confirm booking

After a small deposit, complete payment at least 2 weeks before course starting date

Once your application has been accepted, the deposit of €200,00 must be paid immediately in order to reserve your place in the course. The balance of the payment has to be paid at least 2 weeks before the course starting date, otherwise your place may be made available to others. Payment by installments is not possible. Please note that under no circumstances students can start their course without having paid all the required fees.

Intructor Rules

When making the bank transfer at the bank of your choice, please make sure to specify that there should be no charges for the beneficiary. All International and local bank transfer fees are borne by the student. Please send us a copy of your payment to &

Our school uses a secure payment system which allows you to purchase online with absolute ease while guaranteeing security and privacy. Further to the security measures adopted, the international Visa and MasterCard circuits have adopted an additional control method on credit card transactions. It involves the security code of three digits printed on the back of the credit card, in the area reserved for your signature. To conclude the transaction, in addition to the usual details (full name, credit card number, expiration date and total amount to be charged), you will be required to specify this three digit code as well. Please click here to make payment

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    Payment in Euro €
  • Payable to: Sienalingue S.r.l.
  • Address: Piazza Tolomei, 11 - (I) 53100 Siena
  • Branch: 50486 - SIENA PIAZZA TOLOMEI
  • Account no.: 100000002411
  • ABI code: 03069
  • CAB code: 14222
  • IBAN code: IT98M0306914222100000002411

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    Payment in US $
  • Payable to: Sienalingue S.r.l.
  • Bank: UBI BANCA
  • Address: Piazza Matteotti, 34 - (I) 53100 Siena
  • Branch: Filiale di Siena Piazza Matteotti
  • Account no.: 8600259
  • ABI code: 03111
  • CAB code: 14200
  • IBAN code: IT04M0311114200VARUS8600259
  • SWIFT code: BLOPIT22 with no charges for the beneficiary

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How to pay – Method