Italian, the fourth most studied language World

Good news for us who teach Italian!

Italian language is studied by over 2 million students.

A recently published article from “Il Tirreno” had good news for us who teach Italian: our language is the fourth most studied in the world, after English, Spanish and Chinese!

Italian, the fourth language studied in the world

A recent publication by Ethnologue indicates that the Italian language is studied by over 2 million students at Italian Institutes of Culture abroad. The ranking concerns only the languages that are studied, so this does not mean that Italian is the fourth most spoken language in the world.

It’s still a pleasant surprise to know that many people study our language for different reasons: art, music, cinema, fashion, design …


There are curious episodes told by the General Secretary of the Dante Alighieri Society, Dr. Alessandro Masi, that confirm Italian as the fourth most studied language in the world. Keep in mind that Dante Alighieri Society is present in 80 countries with over 400 committees, whose aim is to protect and promote the Italian culture in the world.

“Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita”

(Federico Fellini)


Dr. Masi tells about the opening of a
Dante Committee in Siberia: more and more often Russian ladies who go shopping in Milan wish to be able to speak Italian in the shops.

Masi also stresses the opening of a Committee in Ulan Bator (Mongolia), where there is a prestigious school of Opera, where aspiring Opera singers can interpret the famous arias of Verdi or Puccini at their best thanks to the study of Italian language.

So, whatever is your reason to study Italian … BUON ITALIANO A TUTTI!