5 Italian light Summer recipes

Italian Summer Recipes - learning-italy.it

The best recipes for your Italian Summer

Quick and easy ideas to save time and keep healthy

Italian Summer Recipes - learning-italy.it

In summer it is common to be not hungry because of the heat. Eating fresh fruit is a very healthy way to deal with hot temperatures, but you also need something more nourishing. When it comes to food, Italians always have a good advice to give, so DA Siena’s Chefs have selected for you five Italian recipes for Summer that you can easily prepare in a few minutes.

If we love someone, to prepare a good dinner is a splendid way to tell them

Antonino Cannavacciuolo, three Michelin-starred Chef

The queen of simplicity: “Bruschetta”

Italian Summer Recipes - learning-italy.it

The first Italian Summer recipe is probably the most simple but certainly not the least tasty! You just need to toast some slices of bread and to put on them diced tomato, salt, extra virgin olive oil and some fresh basil or oregano. The quality of ingredients will make the difference, so be sure to use quality oil and tomatoes. Please remember that the right pronunciation is [brus’ketta]!

Re-use is the key of Tuscan cookery: “Panzanella”

Italian Summer Recipes - learning-italy.it

With this Italian Summer recipe, that is typical of Tuscany, you will not waste bread anymore! You just need to soak in water some old, hard bread and squeeze it thoroughly. Then add tomato, salt, basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, a little bit of vinegar and that’s it! Your Italian Summer dish is ready to refresh your lunch!

Light and delicious, Caprese can save your dinner!

Italian Summer Recipes - learning-italy.it

Tomato, mozzarella and a knife, this is all you are going to need to prepare the third Summer Italian recipe selected by DA Siena’s Chefs! “Caprese” is in-fact composed by alternated slices of mozzarella and tomato with a topping of extra virgin olive oil, salt and oregano. It is just as good as it is simple to make!

“Prosciutto e melone”, an Italian classic

Italian Summer Recipes - learning-italy.it

Quality is the key for this classic Italian Summer recipe. As a matter of fact you only need to slice a fresh melon and some prosciutto, but for best results you must choose a ripe fruit. The Chefs’ advice to pick the best melon is to smell it on the side of the stalk. If the scent is not sweet it means it has to wait some more time.

Bresaola and rocket salad, a light main course

Italian Summer recipes

The last Summer recipe selected by DA Siena’s Chefs is perfect as a main course because it contains a protein and a side dish: bresaola and rocket salad. If you are a little more hungry than the usual, Parmesan flakes are perfect with this dish. Once you’ve sliced the bresaola very thinly you only need to add rocket salad and extra virgin olive oil. You can also add some black or white pepper and some balsamic vinegar or, if you prefer, a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon.

What are you waiting for, try your favorite Italian Summer recipe! Are you still undecided? Here is a list of 50 light ideas for you Summer Italian recipes!