Jennifer Lopez moves to Tuscany

Jennifer Lopez in Italy

“I’d love to live in a small town in Italy”

The American Pop Star is thinking about leaving the US

Tuscan olive trees

It is hardly surprising that a star like Jennifer Lopez would like to live in Tuscany. Many other VIPs choose this gorgeous piece of land for their vacations (like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel), their leisure or even buy their own house like Sting. However, Jennifer Lopez recent interview was a big surprise! The actress, singer, dancer, and fashion designer doesn’t miss a chance to stress how grateful she is for her good fortune. But apparently she also wishes to conduct a simpler life without the inconveniences given by her huge fame.

Another life where it’s a little bit more simple and organic and where I get to ride a bike, and buy bread, and put it in my basket, and then go home and put jelly on it, and just eat and paint, or sit in a rocking chair where there was a beautiful view of an olive tree or an oak tree and I could just smell. I have fantasies like that

Jennifer Lopez

Eat, pray, love…but under the Tuscan Sun!

Listening to Jennifer Lopez words about her desire for a less complicated life, it is almost impossible not to think about Julia Roberts’s movie set for a half in Italy and for another in Indonesia. As a matter of fact she then added:

I would love to live somewhere other than the United States, in a small town in Italy, or on the other side of the world, in Bali

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Her mentioning the olive trees and her reference to a small Italian village immediately triggered some reactions! The Mayor of San Quirico d’Orcia, in the Province of Siena, didn’t loose a minute and invited Jennifer Lopez to his little town immersed in the countryside of Tuscany:

We are a small but beautiful town in Italy: we have fields of olive trees as far as the eye can see, modeling the hills of a landscape that was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We have excellent bakeries that produce very good bread and we can offer the relax and privacy that a star like her is looking for. Therefore we just have to invite Jennifer Lopez here, in the heart of Val d’Orcia, so to let her admire with her own eyes the beauty of our land, the tranquillity of our town and the kindness of our people. If J-Lo desires to retreat from worldliness and hectic life, here is what she needs, our invitation has been sent.

Marco Bartoli, Mayor of San Quirico d’Orcia

Jennifer, how would you like to also speak Italian?

If you want to live a simple life without the burdens of being a world known star, you might not want to always have an interpreter cycling with you when you need to buy groceries. So we also take the chance to invite Jennifer Lopez for a Language and Culture course! Siena is few minutes away from the most beautiful sites of the Tuscan countryside and we would be more than delighted tell her about the history, the art and the culture of her new home!

Jennifer Lopez travelling

Furthermore Dante Alighieri Siena has a great experience in teaching to students in need of a higher degree of privacy such as diplomats and ambassadors. So, if you want to join the club of US actors who speak Italian, welcome aboard Jennifer! Dante Alighieri Siena and Tuscany are waiting for you!