New solutions for new challenges

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Study Italian at home in a virtual classroom

Keeping the highest standards both on site and online

The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing many people all over the world to stay at home for the sake of our health and that of our loved ones and neighbors. These times are challenging for everyone since we are asked to change our habits and to be temporarily distant while waiting to be able again to happily start over to enjoy our lives together.

Working for your safety with the same care as always

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Learning Italy’s commitment is to ensure the highest standards for its students: not only academically, but especially in terms of service, care, and safety. That’s why Learning Italy is already setting up measures for increasing social distancing and for ensuring the health safety of our students when it will be possible again to travel to Italy and study the language with us in the best possible way, that is through all your senses, fully immersed in the tastes, colors, perfumes, and voices of Siena.

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Online lessons starting from 15€

On top of that Learning Italy is also expanding its online academic offering, in order to allow students to keep learning with us even from home. Of course, we know that it cannot be like going together to the city market and walk by the crowded stands while learning on site how to interact in real life situations in Italian, but our skilled teachers can make up for that through their usual expertise and care.

So we have developed online individual and group lessons starting from 15€\h, which include all learning materials and a free short introductory trial to assess your language level and set your goals, so to ensure the same standards our students are used to.

Discover our group and one-to-one proposals and liven up your days at home learning the Italian language with the competence of our specialized teachers!