Seasonal food is healthy food

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Remember to eat healthy seasonal food!

Is it right to consume fruits and vegetables out of season?

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Nowadays it is normal to eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits at any time of the year. It’s surely an appealing idea to have everything we want whenever we want, but how much is it good for our health? Is it right to consume fruits and vegetables out of season?

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What to choose: the advices of the food expert

On Fondazione Veronesi‘s site, Dr. Elena Dogliotti (biologist, nutritionist and science writer) explains the importance of eating fruit five times a day, if possible of different colors.

…a balanced diet can prevent some risk factors: from being overweight to hypertension and type 2 diabetes. And it contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases including cardiovascular ones.

Dr. Elena Dogliotti
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But it is equally important to choose seasonal produces. Because a fruit that has grown and ripened on its plant and in its soil is richer in nutrients than one that has grown out of its natural environment.

As a consequence, eating seasonal food results also in a deeper respect for Nature, that gives us what we really need in the different periods of the year. So let’s just say yes to oranges in Winter, to apricots in Summer, to broccoli in Winter, and to eggplants in Summer!

  • January – celery, squash, citrus fruits
  • February – savoy cabbage, artichokes, spinach
  • March – lettuce, spring onions, cauliflower
  • April – asparagus, peas, beans
  • May – radishes, zucchini, cherries
  • June – fennel, rocket salad, apricots
  • July – cucumbers, peaches, peppers
  • August – eggplants, tomatoes, watermelon
  • September – beets, figs, pumpkin
  • October – Brussels sprouts, potatoes, grapes
  • November – chickpeas, leeks, pomegranates
  • December – kale, thistles, turnips

Cooking school: sharing food and health awareness

For a school that offers – along with Italian language and culture courses – also the opportunity of learning the art of Italian cuisine, it is fundamental to always stress the tight correlation between food and health. DA Siena is perfectly aware of the importance of using produces that are appropriate to the season. As a matter of fact our chefs develop the cooking courses on the Mediterranean Diet and its elements always with seasonal ingredients.

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