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Since 1990 Dante Alighieri Siena has been providing university and college students with high-quality, cost-competitive study abroad programs in Italy. In these programs students are encouraged to fully take advantage of their stay in Italy.

Learn Italian not only in the classroom, but through your everyday life in Siena. On-site lectures, academic excursions, visits to museums, field trips, hands-on cooking classes and internships will surely broaden the learning experience.

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Dante Alighieri Siena’s mission is to serve the hosting community and transform students lives by guiding them to succeed in becoming culturally-aware global citizens as well as exemplary ambassadors of the Italian culture. DA Siena is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and to enhancing students’s international education experience by conveying to a multicultural student body love and passion for the Italian culture in all its forms (i.e. music, cinema and performing arts, applied arts, etc.). DA Siena is committed to spread the interest for the Italian language, gastronomy, and the history of the city of Siena. DA Siena aims to inspire critical thinking, self-independence, personal growth and a passion for learning.


To be a leader among Study Abroad Centers in Italy and ideal partner of North American Universities and educational institutions for successful programs in Siena. To achieve international distinction for its innovative spirit, academic and student-support excellence, and creativity. DA Siena aims to be a preeminent institution of a multi-cultural student body by bringing together the best of all cultures and societies in a real cross-cultural learning environment.


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Students who need to apply for US transferable credits can email DA Siena’s Study Abroad office ([email protected]) to receive informations about syllabi’s approval and subsequent credit transfer.

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Dante Alighieri Siena boasts an excellent faculty group with diverse backgrounds and experiences to offer the highest standards in any academic area.

Customized Programs

Since 1990 Dante Alighieri Siena has been providing US colleges and universities with high-quality, cost-competitive study abroad programs. We are knowledgeable of the requirements in USA higher education. For over 20 years we have implemented faculty-led Study Abroad Customized Programs for several USA educational institutions as well as for Italian Departments and Study Abroad Programs.


Dante Alighieri Siena is eager to collaborate with you to design unique academic programs developed to meet the specific needs of your students. Culture courses can be taught both at lower and upper division level. Tailored to various language levels as well as to the topics of interest, Dante Alighieri Siena programs can be faculty led, host country led, direct enrollment or a combination of the three.


Our supportive classroom environment helps students to learn and experience Italian culture and enhance their Italian language fluency. Educational field trips and sightseeing tours are customized to fulfill your requirements and meet the academic content of the courses. Also, Dante Alighieri Siena is happy to work with you to design innovative Study Abroad Programs of any length, ranging from short-term seminars to full semesters. Our talented and experienced academic and administrative team will work with you to create customized syllabi and will assist you in the development of inter or cross-disciplinary programs as well as all logistical aspects of your program.

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