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Italy reigns supreme in best European destinations

Siena ranked 7th in 2019 top 15 cities of Europe

Siena in the top 15 cities of Europe

Whether you are a young student willing to study abroad or an adult looking for a learning holiday, the destination of your travel is – of course – fundamental. Italy has been for centuries the preferred location for the education of thousands of students that wanted to study the pillars of Western civilization from a privileged point of view. And apparently this ancient tradition is still alive. In fact, according to the world famous American magazine Travel+Leisure, Italy is the best European country to visit. In the 2019 list of the top 15 European cities there are 3 urban destinations in Italy that are in the highest positions with Siena occupying the 7th one.

Siena in the top 15 cities of Europe

The famous Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Awards

Travel+Leisure is a US magazine that was first published in 1937. Every year its editorial staff asks readers to rate their travel experiences and share their thoughts about islands, cities, culture, shopping, landmarks, etc. So if you plan to study in one of the top European cities you can ask for Travel+Leisure informed and updated opinion.

study in siena top eu city

The ranking is published every year in August and this time Siena was in the seventh position of the list of the top European cities. Below Siena are destinations such as Krakòv, Instambul and San Sébastian . So it is a very important result for this shrine of art, history, and tradition.

Verona is a very beautiful city, but Siena just never ceases to fascinate me.

Anne Fortier

With DA Siena you study in one of the top european cities

When you plan to study in one of the top cities of Europe, Dante Alighieri Siena School is the right choice! With its central location, its various activities and its programs both for young adults and experienced learners, the school offers the possibility to make the most out of one of the preferred destinations by Travel+Leisure readers.

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Siena is food, fresh produces, world renown wines, cheeses, art masters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, centuries-old traditions, thermal springs and much more! Siena is one of the top 15 European cities because it combines all this while being fully immersed in wonderful Tuscan scenarios.