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The perfect places where to learn Italian in Italy

The top destinations for learning Italian in Italy

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Italy is an extremely various country: from the highest European mountains to the hot Mediterranean South it presents many different climates, cultures and traditions. So it is very important to carefully choose where to learn Italian in Italy according to your interests, the season and the offered services.

Our Locations Where to learn Italian in Italy Vetralla Viterbo - Dante Alighieri Siena-

A DA Siena destination in the Tuscia Region

This is the reason why Dante Alighieri Siena also proposes other two locations to learn Italian in Italy to give the students the possibility to find the same care, kindness, and professionalism outside its premises too.

Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.

Bertrand Russell
Dante Alighieri Siena - Our Locations

The first place where to learn Italian in Italy other than Siena is Cura di Vetralla. It is a small town which began its history around the XVI century, when the ancient noble families of Vetralla and Rome started to build villas in the center of their vast agricultural lands. Over the centuries the small village has developed into a town of about 10,000 inhabitants. It is quiet and full of life with shops, activities and events. Vetralla is only 60 km far from Rome and 15 km from Viterbo: the ancient city of the Popes.

Alessandra is waiting to have you as her guest in her home. She will teach the course of Italian and she will unveil the secrets of this beautiful destination! You will visit with her Viterbo, the magnificent Villa Lante and the beautiful surroundings of Cura di Vetralla. Also, you will learn with Alessandra how to cook some local specialties!

The Sun, the sea, the island: DA Siena’s proposal

The beautiful Island of Ischia is the second alternative destination where to learn Italian in Italy that Dante Alighieri Siena has to offer for your course. Situated on the extreme western part of the Gulf of Napoli, Ischia is with its 120 thermal bath establishments among the most renown coastal areas for thermal centers, both in Italy and abroad.

Eduardo Cocciardo - Italian language, Arts in Music and Drama - Italian course destination

Eduardo Cocciardo – writer, actor, theater and film director – will hold his lessons of Italian language in the open air and he will also accompany you on fascinating historical and cultural tours. He will tell you about the secrets of the place, its long history and its amazing legends.

Siena, Cura di Vetralla and Ischia are perfect places where to learn Italian in Italy: combining art, nature, culture, relax…and the sea! Contact us and discover which is the most suitable destination for your course of Italian!