Why to study abroad in Italy?

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More then 30K students a year study abroad in Italy: why?

On vacation or for study abroad: is Italy in Americans DNA?

There are approximately 17 million people of Italian ancestry living in the United States today, but is it just an unconscious call towards Italy?  Figures say there’s much more: every year over 50 million people visit Italy: is it because of fashion, food, fun, art, landscape, history… or because of the Italian mix? 
Most celebrities do have a second home in Italy, from Johnny Depp to Madonna or even live in Tuscany, like Frances Mayes. Why to choose Italy, and maybe Tuscany?

Study Abroad in Italy - Sicilia - Learning Italy

1. Education as a guarantee: safety and security in Siena

Our School benefits 30 years experience with US colleges, universities and institutions. Among trusted partnership, more than 10 universities and colleges, from East to West Coast. US citizens are often our guests: Learning Italy grants a complete comprehension of American needs and standard, both regarding safety and security.

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Siena is also in 2019 the most secure city of Tuscany.  Regarding safety, Italy grants high standard of medical care: medical emergency aid is free here (Siena is also home of the first European hospital, at wayfarers disposal since 1.090 a.C.).

A study abroad in Siena will let your parents rest assured.

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2. Learning in Italy as an experience

Italy is known for its great contribution to culture in the fields of art, architecture, music, literature and theater. There are many cities to visit depending on your interests:

  • Rome: the Colosseum, the castles, the squares and the ruins of the ancient Romans are just some of the beauties that the Capital can offer you.
  • Florence: if you are interested in Italian literature or painting, Florence offers numerous monuments and museums to visit: the most important is the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Milan: if you are interested not only in urban planning and architecture, but also in fashion, shopping and business, this is the city for you.
  • Venice: in addition to the peculiarity of the canals and islands on which the city stands, there are numerous artistic beauties including Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge.

Tuscany is probably a great region to base in: between Rome and 5 Terre! For its Rinascimento, landscapes, culture, people and food is also the “most” Italian region of our country.

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3. Food and love

Certainly when one thinks of Italy, one of the first things that comes to mind is food! Italian food and cuisine are famous throughout the world for variety of products and recipes, always new tastes caskets and fascinating stories behind them.  Order some wine, calmly enjoy food and enrich everything with a good conversation. It’s the concept of La Bella Vita and the way Italians are professionals in enjoying life! Cooking in Italy is also considered a way of “loving each other” (ever heard “That’s amore”?) and learning to cook is also something you can experience with Learning Italy.

Study Abroad in Italy - Italian food - Learning Italy

The most famous Italian dishes and products abroad are:

  • pasta: from spaghetti to lasagna, passing through ravioli, rigatoni and trofie;
  • oil: from the fruity ones of Liguria and Tuscany, to the most substantial of Puglia and Sardinia;
  • cured meats: we can taste Parma or San Daniele ham, speck trentino, norcino salami, Roman mortazza or Valtellina bresaola;
  • cheeses: among all the Parmigiano Reggiano or the buffalo mozzarella and the pecorino;
  • wines: red, white, rosé – wavy or still … a meal in Italy is not a good meal if it is not accompanied by a glass of wine!

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Not to mention the typical dishes: pizza, spaghetti with tomato sauce, carbonara pasta, Milanese schnitzel, lasagne, stewed meat … a lifetime is not enough to taste them all! The Mediterranean diet makes study abroad in Italy a popular choice also for those concerned with health and wellness!

Our school organizes cooking classes or individual lessons to learn how to cook and serve the most popular Italian recipes in the world. Find out more in our Art & Cooking section.

4. Siena to appreciate, Learning Italy to prefer

Siena ranked 7th in 2019 top 15 cities of Europe to stay in: no doubts it’s a city to appreciate! A study abroad here is a charming life experience: moreover, traveling and living abroad is often a way to discover more about yourself.
Learning Italy team is fully aware of the students needs, fears and aspirations. In the light if this, our school has also a long tradition of open-mindness: colored and LGBT students are here welcome!

All this and much more is Learning Italy!